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Find An Au Pair For Childcare

Find An Au Pair For Childcare

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Location: Pittsburgh, United States
Steet Address: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Posted on: 02 Apr 2015


I have been assisting families in finding a live-in International Au Pair for their childcare needs for over 17 years. We provide male or female Au Pairs between the ages of 18 - 26. All of our au pairs:
Are proficient in conversational English
Have a minimum of 200 documented hours of childcare experience
Are carefully screened (including background checks) and trained and Red Cross Certified in adult and pediatric CPR.
Meet all requirements set by our company and the US Department of State.
How does this benefit you and your family? With live-in coverage, you can create a customized schedule for the 45 hours per week (up to 10 hours per day) the Au Pair is available to work. Your Au Pair can care for infants as well as school aged children; they are there to take the children to school and various activities and, most importantly, can be there when you cannot. Our Au Pairs are completely familiar with American driving laws, signs, etc. and can drive your children wherever you need them to be.
The entire family will benefit from the exchange of language and culture you will enjoy with your Au Pair. The scheduling flexibility of a live-in child care giver is priceless. Plus, local support is available to you throughout the year!
Employing an Au Pair is very affordable! The fee is \"per family\", not \"per child\". Also, discounts and payment plans are available. Unlike day care facilities, the Au Pair is with your child/children according to your schedule, not a \"day care\" 6am to 6pm schedule. Also, should bad weather, school closings or childhood illness strike, your child will be cared for in the comfort of home.
Please call me at 610-797-5887 for details. It will be my pleasure to help you. Give your child(ren) the world by exposing them to a new language and/or culture!

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