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Company: www.myplacehealth.com
Contact: Stephanie Hicks
Phone: (503) 440-2022
Address: Seaside, OR 97138, 97138
Location: Seaside, United States
Website: www.myplacehealth.com



Herbalife is a global nutrition company that has been changing people's lives through their healthy weight loss products for over 31 years.

Most dieters have difficulty counting calories, and watching what they eat everyday. The Herbalife diet simplifies the process by substituting two meals per day with high protein shakes including enhancers for appetite support. These enhancers with herbs, micronutrients and fiber, reduce appetite and cravings to make losing weight even easier.
The tasty shakes are designed to be filling and appeasing to hunger while being low in calories. For dinner, a well balanced meal is recommended.
Since these products are nutritional food supplements they are safe. However, certain individuals including children, pregnant or lactating women, insulin dependent diabetics and those with compromised kidney function are advised to consult with their physician before beginning with the Herbalife diet.

Industries: herbal teas

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