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Vu Telepresence Inc

Vu Telepresence Inc

Company: Vu Telepresence Inc
Contact: Solomon Samson
Phone: (724) 404-3905 / 8024
Address: 125 Emeryville Dr Ste 300 Cranberry Township, PA 16066 Pittsburgh, PA 16066, 16066
Location: Pittsburgh, United States
Website: www.vutelepresence.com


Vu Telepresence Inc

Vu Telepresence manufactures HD video conferencing solution with 620p 30f & 1080p 60f at the lowest price in the market with 3years of warranty.

Features (Built in with no additional cost)
- True high definition (HD) video with 1080p60 or 720p30 resolution with the ability to connect multiple HD video sources

- Share, Present & collaborate HD content easily including images, documents and multimedia

- Runs on low bandwidth (750kbps for HD quality, below 750kbps is SD)

- User friendly interface (Easy to navigate)

- Archive & record in HD clarity ( Inbuilt recording upto 1500hrs )

- Connect throughout globe with our multiparty conferencing & interoperability feature

Industries: 720p HD video conferencing Unit, teleconferencing services, telecommunications services, business communication services, 1080p HD video conferencing Unit, video conferencing, Coast effective solution

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