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Native American Herbal Tea

Native American Herbal Tea

Company: Native American Herbal Tea
Contact: Joe Moore
Phone: (605) 725-6131
Address: 421 S Lincoln Aberdeen, SD 57401, 57401
Location: Aberdeen, United States
Website: www.nativeamericantea.com


Native American Herbal Tea

Herbal, green, and black wholesale and retail tea company. Products our manufactured locally in our Aberdeen, SD facility.

In the early days of the Native American Herbal Tea Company, we would listen to the old ones tell stories of herbs, flowers and roots - where they came from and how they came to be put on the earth. In 1987, our company was started with the intent to share this knowledge with the world and so we began formulating these herbs in a small room in a house and began producing one tea bag at a time. The teachings of how roots, herbs, and flowers were used has taught us how to recognize and use these herbs at their height of potency. Our products are born from this knowledge and contain only the highest quality natural ingredients as ""Mother Earth"" intended. Enjoy this ""Taste of Tradition."" 5% of profits and royalties after taxes go toward scholarships at Sitting Bull College campuses.

Industries: herbal teas, school distributors, hotel distributors, retail, wholesale, medicinal teas, chamomile tea, cinnamon tea, ginseng teas, green tea, functional tea, black tea, beverages

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