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Lenny and John Show

Lenny and John Show

Company: Lenny and John Show
Contact: Lenny and John
Phone: (803) 575-0700
Address: Chapin, SC 29036, 29036
Location: Chapin, United States
Website: www.lennyandjohnshow.com


Lenny and John Show

Internet radio talk show with a comedy base. We take live calls and give our insights into various topics. The show is available Live & via podcast.

The Lenny and John Show is a growing internet radio talk show. It is a two hour comedy based show that runs twice a week. Listeners can listen via live internet streaming on computers, iPhones or Droids, or the show can be downloaded or streamed at a later time as a podcast. The show is comedy based and is based on current events as well as antecdotes from the hosts, Lenny and John.

Industries: advertising, promotion service, interviews

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