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HMR Designs

HMR Designs

Company: HMR Designs
Business Type: Exporter, Distributor/Wholesaler
Phone: 773-782-0800
Fax: 773-782-9998
Address: 1200 N North Branch Street, 60642
Location: Chicago, United States
Website: http://hmrdesigns.com/


HMR Designs is one of the premier event planning companies in Chicago, well-known for its quality of work, ingenuity, and experience. We are a team of expert designers, 3D art producers, graphic designers, carpenters, and floral designers who create the best and the most memorable events in Chicago. Every event is an opportunity for us to showcase our talent and expertise with confidence and originality. HMR Designs sets a benchmark with every event and be it a corporate event or a wedding or a fundraiser event for a non-profit organization, we exhibit the same levels of dedication and originality to bring out the best out of every event. We handle events of all scales and no matter what visions our customers have in their minds, we ensure to bring that vision into full life. We take pride in designing and planning some of the most breathtaking weddings in Chicago, with our expertise in floral arrangement, quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and flawless execution. We realize the importance of a perfect, beautiful wedding and hence we promise to deliver the same, with our creativity, experience, and dedication. Whether it’s a black-tie event or business casual, HMR Designs can strike the perfect tone for any corporate event in Chicago, ensuring that our designs accommodate the logistic and special elements to match the scale of the event, while also making it look elegant and inviting. For more information, visit https://hmrdesigns.com/ and https://hmrdesigns.com/about/.

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