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Diversified TeleCom Corp

Diversified TeleCom Corp

Company: Diversified TeleCom Corp
Contact: Robert Ishimitsu
Phone: (425) 917-8300
Address: 1624 Glenwood Ave SE Renton, WA 98058, 98058
Location: Renton, United States
Website: www.dtctelecom.com


Diversified TeleCom Corp

Telephone and Voice Mail systems. Voice Messaging and Paging. 24/7 Answering and Emergency oncall answering services to businesses and doctors.

Diversified TeleCom is a recognized leader in the field of telecommunications. Diverisified Telecom has been providing telecommunication services, phone and voice mail systems and services to many prominent Pacific Northwest businesses for over twenty three years. For 23 years Anthonys Homeport, with 24 locations in the greater Pacific Northwest region, has been utilitizing Diverisfied TeleCom as their off site telecommunications department that maintains all of their telephone and voice mail systems, voice and data cabling and infastructure, as well as, utilizing us as a consultant for all of their other telecommunications needs. For over 20 years Seattle Urological and Seattle Gastroentrology has been using our advanced afterhours answering services and emergency oncall services.

Industries: ip telephones, telephone answering services, telephone headsets, telephones

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