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Company: CuddleCloth®
Contact: Mary Salem Purcaro
Address: 13885 87th Street North West Palm Beach, FL 33412, 33412
Location: West Palm Beach, United States
Website: www.cuddlecloth.com



Creator of Cuddlecloth® the bath towel designed for baby's safety. Mom wears before bathing baby, instantly releases from mom as she covers baby.

Retail and wholesale sales of our award winning bath towel designed for baby's safety.

High ROI
Low initial quantity requirements
Excellent unique gift item
Consistent high quality, safe products
Additional revenue with personalization
Cuddlecloth patented product #7685648
Attractive, convenient see through reusable gift bag keeps products clean.
Cuddlecloth is a functional necessity. Mom and dad will actually use Cuddlecloth every time they bathe baby.
This means repeat purchases per household.

Cuddlecloth came to be due to a fear of dropping my baby
Like most moms, I had a fear of dropping my slippery wet baby when lifting him from the bath to cover him with a towel. It felt scary and awkward because the towel was either over my shoulder, or on the cold, wet floor. My husband traveled for work, with no one to help at bath time.

When my nephew, Evan, was born, I remembered the fear of bathing a fragile baby. My first prototype had a hood at the bottom of the towel. Sister-in-law, Kimberley, doubled the towel to cover Evan. His feet would bind up. It was too short after 3 months. I then realized a hood at the top or side made more sense. With Cuddlecloth, there are no Velcro®, snaps or ties, so the towel comes off of mom as soon as she covers baby.

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