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Air Velocity

Air Velocity

Company: Air Velocity
Contact: Jerry Smith
Phone: 1 (512) 528-1167
Address: 1730 CR 269 Unit E Leander, TX 78641, 78641
Location: Leander, United States
Website: airvelocitysheetmetal.com


Air Velocity

We install new Furnaces and A/C systems ,both Res. and Commercial. We also do service on any brands.We also do sheet metal fabrication at our shop.

The owner of Air Velocity,Jerry has been in the HVAC trade over 32 years.We service all brands of Furnaces and A/C both Residential and commercial.We can service them and also replace them with more efficient systems. We are a Trane dealer but have no problem installing or servicing other brands.We are located in Leander Texas and service all cities within 30 miles.One thing we really strive on is Air Flow issues. Texas has a bad habbit of putting in bad and cheap duct systems that kill the airflow. These systems maybe have a 4ft plenum and the rest is all insulated flex strapped to the trusses.The way they stap it is so bad for airflow and the plenums collect dirt, dust, moisture and there is no way of doing a proper duct cleaning. Most states use galvanized ductwork which lasts forever and can be cleaned properly and better static pressure.Why put a High efficient system if the exsisting ductwork can not put the proper cfm the unit should put out. That is what I am going to change to help my customers in Texas.They will not have any more air flow issues once I am done.We do have a sheet metal shop and do not reley other vendors to get our job done, We can do it ourselfs.Give us the oppertunity to service your HVAC equiptment or replace it if needed with more efficient and I know you will not regret it. I can answer any questions anytime,give me a call.Thanks for your time and Air Velocity hopes you have a great year.

Industries: maintanance aggreements, air conditioning maintenance and repair services, air handlers, air conditioners, furnace installation services, furnace repair, heat exchangers, a/c slabs, thermostats, combustion air, heat strips, gas furnaces, blower motors, hot surface ignitors, ehaust systems, design services, sheet metal double wall pipe, humidification, airconditioning, hvac ducts, sheet metal fabrication, air conditioning contractors, sheet metal ductwork, air duct installation services, heating ventilation and air conditioning inspection services, heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment, furnace maintenance and repair services, emergency heating services, air conditioning services

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