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AccuVoIP Services LLC

AccuVoIP Services LLC

Company: AccuVoIP Services LLC
Contact: Kevin Heaney
Phone: (262) 649-1097
Address: N27W23953 Paul RoadSuite 104 Pewaukee, WI 53072, 53072
Location: Pewaukee, United States
Website: accuvoip.net


AccuVoIP Services LLC

Get big business communications at a small business price Let us show you how with any of our free VIP Services. Are you paying too-much?

If your business has or can obtain a broadband Internet connection, AccuVoIP Services can get you Star2Star service - anywhere in North America. In fact, Star2Star is the only carrier in North America that can provide service to every US and Canadian address that has access to quality Broadband.
Together with our Star2Star Solution we have over 3,000 qualified technicians who are 50 minutes away from 98% of the US and Canadian Population. This means we can offer our customers U.S. and Canadian nationwide installation and support with no cost next day part replacement.
Our national coverage makes us an excellent choice for companies with multiple business locations. For example, we are currently supplying over 9,000 Star2Star systems to a national retail store chain. VoIP Phone Systems, Hyb

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